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Data acquisition


Our new digital measuring and control system S!MPAC* is very well received. The operation, monitoring and documentation of your equipement has never been that easy.  

Touch Panel


S!MPAC* is the performant 32-bit digital control and monitoring system that is a standard accessory on our temperature and climatic cabinets VT/VC and WT/WK.

S!MPAC is a self-monitoring system with internal PLC, designed in-house for our climatic test and heating systems.

It has virtually unlimited programming possibilities which are very easy to enter thanks to the menudriven touchscreen. The standard size is 8" but 12" and 3,5" are also possible.

S!MCONTROL* is the software on the industrial PC in the 12" touchpanel. Simulation cycles and test results are saved on the internal disk and can easily be exchanged by USB.

The incorporated CONTROLPAD* in the door allows you to follow the process at a glance. The CONTROLPAD* not only shows the actual test values, but also eventuall error messages allowing you to intervene immediately and stop and restart the test cycle on the CONTROLPAD* itself.



Our control software S!MPATI* enables you to optimize the utilization of your environmental testing systems.

Evaluation and documentation of test cycles and production sequences as well as the integation of your special measuring data guarantees a higher qulity standard.

SIMPATI Software

What S!MPATI* has to offer:

Control of test and process cycles

Convenient evaluation due to clear graphics and calculation options

Administration of various users

Networking of up to 99 test systems with one PC

Program management for production cycles and tests

Easy creation of test programs with the graphic, symbolic or shock test editor

Loading of programs, production data via barcode

Click here for more info on S!MPATI.



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