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UV - Heraeus BlueLight

UVC radiation has an intense germicidel effect. Micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria yeasts and fungi are killed in seconds without any need for chemicals.

UV cassette Heraeus BlueLight UV Disinfection Modules
have been developed originally for the food industry. The equipment achieves a reduction in germ count up to 99,9% in 2 seconds.
Modules are installed in filling equipment for milk products and drinks, for the disinfection of conveyor belts, transport containers and working surfaces or for surface disinfection of foodstuffs. Thanks to the use of UV radiation, the packaging materials achieve a degree of purity that complies with the classification “Packaging materials with low germ content”.

UV disinfection extends the shelf life of foodstuffs and improves hygiene in food processing.

UV Disinfection Modules for Surface Disinfection

Heraeus BlueLight Disinfection Modules are ready-to-use build-in systems consisting of:
  • one or more UV cassettes
  • goldspot® UV Emitter Heraeus
  • air cooling using surrounding air
  • electricity supply 50/60 Hz, 230V
  • quartz cover plates with breakage detector
  • CE certificate

  • UV module
    Advantages of the Heraeus BlueLight UV Disinfection Modules:
  • cold, intense UV radiation
  • no chemicals required
  • high disinfection rate in a few seconds
  • low operating costs
  • simple retro-fitting in existing equipment
  • easy monitoring of the disinfection power using a DIC measuring instrument
  • world-wide service
  • UV toep
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